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In recognition of 2016 International Women's Day

In recognition of 2016 International Women's Day

I choose to recognize International Women’s Day as a time to say thank you to those in my life. I am a woman and I am shaped and supported by those in my life – men and women, young and old, near and far.

So on this 2016 International Women’s Day, I’ll share with you my #Instareality – a behind the scenes with those who support me and allow me to live my passion.

My instareality - trying to get that Instaperfect shot


 The 50,000 foot view

The view from afar

My Eton mess / creative work space

Messy, creative, workspace

My house - is not perfect!

Lived in house

The reason why I don't have long, perfectly manicured finger nails

Imperfect nails rock

My mommy and me time

Mommy and me

Be your best creative self xx


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