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Mixify Beauty | Founders note

I love playing with color and want to share my passion. Mixify Beauty is not just a cosmetics company, we are a way to create awesome experiences.

Mixify Beauty was born from the desire to try something alternative to a traditional bachelorette party. It quickly became a quest to recover the lost art of craft as a way of building community. 

I love being able to create the EXACT color or scent I want for that special occasion. More than that, I love creating with others. I’ve been mesmerized by some of the creations I’ve seen people make at our pop up shops – so creative and vivid! 

At Mixify Beauty, it’s about being a part of positive change that helps people rethink our product consumption – size, longevity, and brings people back to feeling a part of a tangible community, not just a virtual community.

Central to our values is a commitment to sustainability and conscious consumption. I made the deliberate decision to be kinder to the environment and use reusable materials along with right-sized, smart sized packaging where we can. We are committed to continually find ways of doing this better.

So leave inhibition behind, celebrate the imperfections and experience the joy of creating something made by your hands, with care, with passion, and with purpose; something crafted with pride, complete with slight variations which make each item unique, and, as a result, make youunique.

Experience Mixify Beauty!

xoxo Amy

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