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Top 7 reasons why short nails make the best manicure with POLISH Artisan Nails

I often hear, “I can’t paint my nails, they’re too short!” Let’s dispel the myth that you can only have a manicure if you have long nails. It’s something the fake nail industry dreamed up! As someone with a busy lifestyle, my nails usually look something like this, including scrapes, bruise, pen marks, you name it!

Short nails

If I waited until my nails grew I would never indulge my creative self through making my own nail polish color or nail art. My garden would still be a jungle and these babies would feed the local wildlife instead of me!

Nail polish and gardening 

No more excuses! Here are my top 7 reasons why short nails are better for manicures than long nails


  1. Uneven nail lengths are harder to notice
  2. You use less nail polish
  3. You use less nail polish so your nails will dry quicker
  4. You can keep your real nails rather than live with the hassle of fake nails
  5. Your nails will look bigger, it’s physics – squares look bigger than rectangles. Don’t believe me, try it!
  6. You are less stressed about breaking a nail and ruining your manicure (see point 1!)
  7. You can express your creativity any time!


Which do you like better? Shorter or longer nails?


Awesome short nail manicure

Long nail manicure


Got a reason of your own why short nails make the best manicure? Send it to hello@mixifypolish.com


From @donna:

  1. you can swipe better
  2. easier to pick up things

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