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Not your mother's nail polish

“Shhh, she’s not left yet”. Slam, click…mom had left the house and that was our cue to raid her costume jewelry and make up to play dress up. There’s nothing like the pure joy of “playing adult”, of adding a splash of color to make one appear more “grown up”. Fast forward to today and while playing adult has lost some of its novelty (unicorn Frappuccino anyone?) our custom color Mixify Polish DIY nail polish kits are definitely not your mother’s nail polish! Gone are the days of subdued neutral shades, hello bright, vibrant, unique nail colors. From glitter to pearls to mattes, I LOVE that I can create whatever custom shade I want, when I want. Punk rock retro...

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Girls night in!

  Grab your besties for a girls night in! Our latest video is out - check it out and get creative. Enter our monthly custom color contest for your chance to win a free kit! Simply create your look based on the current month's theme (announced at the end of the month via Instagram), take a selfie of your Mixify Polish creation, post to Instagram and tag using #MixifyPolish and @MixifyPolish. One lucky winner will be chosen by a panel of independent judges each month to win a five bottle kit in the passion color of their choice! 

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Let's play Holi!

  Let's play Holi!! It would be sad living in a world where there were no colors, especially in San Francisco. Because colors affect us, in a greater scale than you can imagine.  Most of us have a favorite color. Undoubtedly because it makes us feel a certain way. Since we were kids we were all drawn to certain colors, and it’s the same today. Some people love purple while others hate it, and so on. Nevertheless, colors are around us all the time. So it’s just suited that we have a day where we can celebrate colors! Just as we’re drawn to certain colors, and we favor some over others (no offense, puce!), each color has a different meaning,...

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Here's What Happened When I Tried Making My Own Nail Polish With Mixify Polish's DIY Kit

Jan 29, 2017 By Ashley Locke Shopping for new nail polish colors has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Over the years, I've compiled quite the collection. From neons to mattes, I own almost every color and type of nail polish in existence. While accumulating all of these nail polishes has been a wild ride, I always hoped that one day I'd be able to make my own. Well thanks to Mixify Polish, that day finally came! Here's what happened when I created three unique nail polish colors using their DIY kit. Making the Polish The kit comes with five clear nail polish bottles, eight colored powders, three mixing sticks, three scoopers, a funnel, a color cheat sheet and a color...

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Fashion illustration using Mixify Polish nail polish!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this creation by @artclaytion using our create your own nail polish kit. Yes, she draws with nail polish! ⠀⠀⠀Red Addict. Nail Polish & Glitters on paper, Nov 2016. Collaboration project : Artclaytion. X @mixifypolish.⠀⠀Thank you founder Amy from mixify for giving me a chance to explore their product <Signature Nail Polish Kit> to create my artwork! ⠀⠀Mixify Polish is based in USA and their signature is their nail polish color kit ! You can mix and create your favourite color nail polish! Isn't it fun? It is also cool to use it on parties and it makes a lovely gift to your girlfriends! Stay tuned for more interesting artwork that I will create with Mixify nail polish! ⠀

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