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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Check out Etsy's most-searched trends (Good Morning America)

May 05, 2021

Etsy has 115,000 search results for "mommy and me" merchandise. With many people still doing a lot of baking in quarantine, Etsy has seen a 113% increase in searches on Etsy for bread and bread-baking items. You can get mom anything from matching bake timers to aprons.

Johnson also spotlights other great "mommy and me" items such as nail polishes and tea mugs.

Etsy: As Seen In The Media (Good Morning America)

May 05, 2021

ETSY EDITORS’ PICKS  Spotted in the media See what goods are making editors from top media outlets do double takes

Six Simple Tips to Relieve Stress and Cultivate Your Positive Attitude

May 01, 2021

When you feel like you’re always on and don’t have any time to yourself, it’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of negativity. Exhaustion contributes to stress, so make self-care a priority and take time to rest your body and recharge your spirit at least a few times a week. Self care is everything from paying your bills on time to something you’re doing entirely for yourself.

The case for Amazon, and other online marketplaces, when supporting local and small businesses: A perspective from a local, micro business

December 15, 2020

Supporting local is a multi-layered statement that can involve Amazon and “large” online marketplaces. In my community, the common cry is “support local”, which is great. I’m a member of our local Chamber of Commerce, I actively seek out small batch and artisan creators and enjoy the diversity small businesses bring to a community. Here’s the thing, what people really mean when they say “support local” is “support the local businesses whose store fronts we drive past”. There’s a plethora of local businesses hidden behind cottage industry and home-based businesses. So, how can a community support these micro-businesses?

Mixify Beauty at SF Etsy Emporium

December 06, 2020

We strive to support and promote local Etsy sellers by sharing expertise and advice, hosting local shows and events, and providing a valuable network of local talent and resources.

Normally at this time of year, we would be preparing for our 8th Annual Indie Holiday Emporium, but obviously 2020 is not a normal year, and we will not be holding our holiday show in person.

Gifts for Women

December 06, 2020

What are you going to get the ladies in your life this holiday season? I have found some fun options that any woman would love to unwrap this year. These gifts work for a variety of interests and budgets. I hope this list helps you find something fantastic for the holidays and simplifies your shopping too!

The Mixify Nail Polish Kit is awesome for gifting. These stylish tins have everything needed to create a custom color, or two of nail polish. This is fun for chicks of all ages!

Gifts for Everyone on Your List from Local Businesses We Love - RedTri.com

November 30, 2020

We’ve rounded up a slew of our favorites from too-cute succulent arrangements to hand-sewn trucker hats and we know there’s something for everyone on your list.

Mixify Beauty’s cosmetic kits are the perfect gift for any budding artisan. The trend for 2020 has seen more people tap into their creativity at home and with Mixify offering three fully customizable Nail Polish, Lip Gloss and Perfume kits these kits are the ideal, one-of-a-kind holiday gifts. 

6 Winning Gifts For The Kiddos In Your Life

November 27, 2020

Time is basically a flat circle at this point. Weekdays are weekends are weekdays, and we’re definitely convinced it’s Thursday more than once a week. But somehow — and we’re sure of this — it’s nearly December, and as the Christmas music playing every time you step into the grocery store indicates, the holidays are nearly upon us.

How To Create A One-Of-A-Kind Nail Design

October 30, 2020

Looking for a fun twist for your nails this summer? Mixify Beauty’s Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit is a great way to stay entertained and brighten up your day with a fun project! You can create your very own custom nail polish and let your design ideas fly with this kit. The process includes mixing and blending to create five custom nail polish colors. It comes with eight different pigments so you can experiment with bright, electric colors for a summer vibe or neutral, sleek colors for a chic look. I love that all of the custom nail polishes are vegan! Use the pigments to be creative and create a one-of-a-kind nail design!

Top 10 Secrets To Getting A Salon-Like Pedicure During Quarantine

May 12, 2020

I do not know about you, but not being able to go to the salon to get my nails done or worse covering my grays has been a bummer.

From creating your own nail polish to beauty masks made from items in your frig, pampering yourself with salon-like pedicures at home, to how to apply skincare without using your hands, and other Skincare Quarantine Tips. We have you covered over the next month.

DIY Nail Polish Kit!!

May 11, 2020

I always have the hardest time picking a nail polish color @ the nail salon. But now I'm able to create exactly what I want.
It was quick and fun!
Check out my Instagram video for my unboxing and tutorial @Concretephysique
When salons open back up, you can bring your own Mixify polish and have peace of mind knowing you're not using polish a stranger used before you.

10 of the Best At-Home Self Care Ideas for Mental Health and Wellness

May 01, 2020

Self-care is always important, and is feeling so much more important during this time of adjustment to life in the times of COVID-19, for those “home in the house and in the house bored”, and especially so for those with even more on their plate than anyone thought humanly possible. “You can’t drink from an empty cup” is too real right now, you can’t help others if you are running on empty. 

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