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Mixify Beauty | Mixify Perfume create your signature scent
Mixify Beauty | Mixify Perfume blend your own perfume
Mixify Beauty | Mixify Perfume create your signature scent head notes
Mixify Beauty | Mixify Perfume create your signature scent heart notes
Mixify Beauty | Mixify Perfume create your signature scent base notes

Mixify Perfume | Create your signature scent



Available for preorder. Orders ship September 10

Our luxurious scents are fragrant, personal and easy to create

Blend your own customized perfume kit includes everything you need to make your own signature scent!

  • all natural base
  • 9 fragrant scents (3 head, 3 heart, 3 base)
  • 5 travel sized reseable bottles for your creations
  • how to make your own perfume cheat sheet
  • blending note cards to capture how you made your signature scent
  • fragrance testing strips


Head: bergamot, peony, spice
Heart: chypre, patchouli, ylang ylang
Base: amber, french vanilla, egyptian musk

knowing your head, heart, and base fragrances

Perfumes are complex creatures filled with mysterious scents. Head, heart, and base are names given to the different fragrance groups in a perfume to help you know when to expect a smell and to anticipate the interactions between the fragrances. Yes, it’s subjective based on how quickly a fragrance evaporates and a fragrance can belong in more than one group 

Head: the first impression: what you smell first and the fragrances that evaporate the quickest

Heart: the real you: what you smell after the head notes start to evaporate. These notes bridge the gap between head and base notes, making a smooth transition

Base: the foundation: what you need to build a lasting perfume, and what you smell last once the head and heart notes have evaporated

Perfect for:

  • birthday parties
  • gifts
  • mommy and me
  • spa days
  • self care
  • bachelorette parties
  • bridal showers
  • quinceanera
  • handmade craft DIY activities
  • science and color experiments
  • art and color therapy
  • sleepovers
  • rainy days 

COMING SOON - a quick video on how to create your custom perfume


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Creative gift sets come with small parts and are not suitable for unsupervised children. 

Ingredients base: Perfumers alcohol (200 proof SDA 40-B, 99.88% Ethanol, 0.12 % t-butyl alcohol) scents: fragrance

Bottles hold approximately 30ml / 1oz. Packaging pictured may be different from the packaging you receive.