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Mixify Beauty | Our story

Every human being is an artist at heart. My passion is to empower teens and kids to understand how everyday things are made, to challenge these norms, and to expand their imagination and express their creativity.

Mixify Beauty was born from the desire to try something alternative to a traditional bachelorette party. It quickly became a quest to recover the lost art of craft as a way of building community. 

I love being able to create the EXACT color or scent I want for that special occasion. More than that, I love creating with others. I’ve been mesmerized by some of the creations I’ve seen people make at our pop up shops – so creative and vivid! 

At Mixify Beauty, it’s about being a part of positive change that helps people rethink our product consumption – size, longevity, and brings people back to feeling a part of a tangible community, not just a virtual community.

Central to our values is a commitment to sustainability and conscious consumption. I made the deliberate decision to be kinder to the environment and use reusable materials along with right-sized, smart sized packaging where we can. We are committed to continually find ways of doing this better.

So leave inhibition behind, celebrate the imperfections and experience the joy of creating something made by your hands, with care, with passion, and with purpose; something crafted with pride, complete with slight variations which make each item unique, and, as a result, make you unique.

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What drives us

Mixify Beauty began as a fun alternative to a traditional bachelorette party. It developed into a quest to integrate the lost art of craft into modern lifestyle. More than a beauty company, Mixify Beauty's create-your-own cosmetics kits offer an experience to design your signature artisan nail colors, lip gloss or perfume with your friends and family.

Our core values of are: sensate, connection, creativity, fun, curiosity and responsibility.

Sensate: Our senses affect us to a greater scale than you can imagine. They can make us feel a certain way, evoke memories, help us express ourselves, and create associations stronger than words alone can

Connection: We get so busy that we forget to connect in a relaxed and fun environment to renew ourselves and connections with loved ones. Mixify Beauty products give you the opportunity to recharge your connections with loved ones

Creativity: Mixify Beauty embraces the artisan movement and encourages everyone to express themselves through craft

Fun: Make it your own, make it a game

Curiosity: Explore the infinite possibilities! Experiment, refine, challenge yourself. Leave inhibitions behind

Responsibility: We've made the conscious decision to be kinder to our environment and use reusable materials along with right-sized packaging where we can. All our nail polishes are vegan and at least 5-Free reducing environmental toxins, our lip glosses and perfume offer all natural options

We are committed to continually find ways of better living our values.

So sit back, relax, sip some bubbles and enjoy creating your signature cosmetics!

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