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Holidays — and holiday shopping — aren’t cancelled

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Time is basically a flat circle at this point. Weekdays are weekends are weekdays, and we’re definitely convinced it’s Thursday more than once a week. But somehow — and we’re sure of this — it’s nearly December, and as the Christmas music playing every time you step into the grocery store indicates, the holidays are nearly upon us.

Given the number of hours we are currently spending on the Internet, we’re pretty sure we can find time to start shopping for our nieces, nephews, little cousins, and friends’ children now. Because while the holidays will look different this year, ‘tis still the season for joy. Below, six gifts that are guaranteed to please the most important kiddos in your life.

1. Let’s Kick It

You don’t have to be a sneakerhead to fall hard for this stylish cross between a winter boot and a high-top sneaker. We’re all in on the silver with turquoise piping, but the purple, grey, and red colorways are worthy alternatives. 

Everyday High Top, $44, Ten Little

2. A Hero Lies In You

If you wore glasses as a kid, you probably recall being none too thrilled to wear them. Not so today, thanks to Pair Eyewear’s collab with Marvel, children can slip three Spider-Man “toppers” over their regular specs for stylin’ superhero status. 

The Web-Slinging Spider-Man Bundle, $75, Pair Eyewear.

3. All That Glitters

We were sorely disappointed to find out that this (machine-washable!) bomber does not come in adult sizes. Still, we accept that the next best thing is bestowing it upon the boldest, most fun kid in our life. 

Rainbow Checker Sequin Bomber, $59.50, Rockets of Awesome.

4. Blow Off Some STEAM

Winter begets a lot of time trapped inside any year, much less in COVID times. An educational but — don’t worry — actually fun monthly activity box amuses kids and provides the adults responsible for them some much needed relief.. Simply choose the age group of the child you’re shopping for and the amount of months you’d like to subscribe them, and voilà. 

Kiwi Crate, $19.95 per month, KiwiCo.

5. Polish It Off

You’re not the only one getting crafty — and watching crafting TikToks — in 2020. The youths are here for it, too. So while you can say this make-your-own nail polish kit is a gift, we’ll fully understand if you ardently volunteer to supervise. 

Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit, $34.95, Mixify.

6. Lookin’ Fly

Masks may prove to be 2020’s favorite stocking stuffer, and for a kid who is obsessed with airplanes, is missing holiday travel, or some combination of both, this pack is just the ticket. The washable, fabric masks are recommended for people ages 5 to 12, and a portion of proceeds go to Feeding America.

Billie Blooms x Karolina Kurkova Kids Mask Set, $39 for a set of 3, State Bags.






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