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Mixify Beauty

Looking for a fun twist for your nails this summer? Mixify Beauty’s Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit is a great way to stay entertained and brighten up your day with a fun project! You can create your very own custom nail polish and let your design ideas fly with this kit. The process includes mixing and blending to create five custom nail polish colors. It comes with eight different pigments so you can experiment with bright, electric colors for a summer vibe or neutral, sleek colors for a chic look. I love that all of the custom nail polishes are vegan! Use the pigments to be creative and create a one-of-a-kind nail design!

Mixify Beauty's Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit

Mixify Beauty’s Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit comes with smart-sized nail polish bottles that are filled with a salon-quality base for you to mix your pigments with for a high-quality, long-lasting look. The complete kit includes:

  • 8 Color Pigments (5 basic colors: red, blue, yellow, white, black and 3 passion colors: purple, orange, teal)

  • 5 Uncolored Nail Polish Bottles

  • Limited edition collectors tin

  • Mixing Tray

  • Funnel

  • Spoons & Stirrers

  • Mixing Ball

Design Inspo

Inspired by Mixify’s name, I mixed it up for a tie-dye marble boho summer look. After painting a white or light coat base, take your custom colors and place a few dots on one nail. Next, gently press plastic such as a Ziploc bag, on the name and slightly smear the nail polish colors. Then take your clear top coat and use it to marbleize your design. Complete each nail and the process before moving onto the next, making sure the nail doesn’t dry before doing the next step. Finish your fun with a second top coat and wear at the pool with a gorgeous Lux Henna Tattooto complete the vibe. Shop other Lux Henna Tattoo high-quality, unique and stunning designs at https://www.etsy.com/shop/luxhennatattoos/.




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