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Mixify Polish is gifting its Create Your Signature Nail Polish DIY Mini Kit to celebrities and select members of the press at GBK's 2016 MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge, in association with The Artisan Group®. The by-invitation event takes place April 8-9 at an exclusive location in Los Angeles, California.

	 Mixify Polish Gifts Innovative Create Your Signature Nail Polish DIY Mini Kit to Celebrities and Press at GBK’s Pre-MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge

Mixify Polish (http://www.mixifypolish.com) in association with The Artisan Group®, will participate in an exclusive celebrity gift lounge event hosted by GBK Productions, leading up to the MTV Movie Awards telecast. The Gift Lounge will take place on April 8-9, 2016, at an exclusive location in Los Angeles, California.

The Create Your Signature Polish DIY Mini Kit will be included in The Artisan Group’s celebrity gift bags. Vegan and 5-free, it has everything needed to create your signature nail polish color. The DIY kit includes 8 colors to create any color imaginable, 5 empty personalize-able nail polish bottles, base, mixing tray, funnel, spoons and stirrers, mixing balls and a nail polish cheat sheet.

Mixify Polish Founder Amy Schofield says, “Mixify Polish was born from the desire to try something alternative to a traditional bachelorette party and soon became a quest to recover the lost art of ‘craft,’ as a way to build community. We’ve had great success with these kits and ideas for how to use them have blossomed into the centerpiece of events from birthday parties to sleepovers to Mommy & Me time, even science and color experiments. They’re also great for whiling the time away on a rainy day!”

Recipients will find that Mixify Polish’s packaging is kinder to the environment. Re-usable elements include the tin, hair elastics versus regular elastic bands, a repurpose-able mixing palette (great as a seedling tray!), bio-degradable zip lock bags and wooden instead of plastic mixing sticks. Last but not least, bottles are right-sized for what is realistically used and for fashion turn-around. Notes Amy, “Right-sized bottles also means fewer toxins in the environment.”

At the Artisan Group exhibit, Mixify Polish will have on display a full-size Create Your Signature Nail Polish DIY Kit (retail $29.95).

“For the display, I wanted to showcase all elements of the experience,” remarked Amy. “Since launching Mixify Polish, I’ve seen how the communal experience of creating something from scratch bonds people. It’s enriching and inspiring and sparks my passion. I love being part of positive change that helps people re-think product needs—size, longevity—and brings people back to feeling a part of a community, not just a virtual community.”

In addition to the MTV Movie Awards gifting taking place in April, Mixify Polish will be launching a color matching contest where customers can win a free kit by creating their look based on the current month’s theme, which will celebrate something significant for that month. The company also offers Limited Editions, such as its current Pantone Color the Year Kit.

Mixify Polish is available to purchase at mixifypolish.com, UncommonGoods.com and pop up shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mixify Polish has been gifted at New York Fashion Week, New York Bridal Fashion Week and the Golden Globes and highlighted on the Hayley Segar YouTube channel.

To learn more about Mixify Polish, contact Amy Schofield by email using the Contact button at the top right of this press release. Become a fan on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (MixifyPolish). Follow the company on Twitter (@MixifyPolish).

For more information about The Artisan Group, visit theartisangroup.org.

*Neither Mixify Polish nor The Artisan Group® are officially affiliated with MTV or the MTV Movie Awards.

Mixify Polish (http://www.mixifypolish.com) was born from the desire to try something alternative to a traditional bachelorette party and soon become a quest to recover the lost art of craft as a way of building community.

We've made the conscious decision to be kinder to our environment and use reusable materials along with right-sized packaging where we can. All our products are vegan and at least 5 free, reducing environmental toxins. We are committed to continually find ways of doing this better.

So sit back, relax, sip some bubbles and enjoy creating your signature nail polish color!

Australian transplant Amy Schofield comes from a diverse background (scientist, marketer, European tour guide, project manager and now entrepreneur) for everything from engineering to mainstream press to not-for-profit. She leads by creating autonomy, mastery and purpose for those working with her which is instrumental in creating cultural shifts. Outside of Mixify Polish, her passions include color, creativity, DIY and chocolate – the more obscure the better.

The Artisan Group® (http://www.theartisangroup.org) is a premier entertainment marketing group dedicated to representing small business artisans at the best celebrity gift lounges and press events. The organization provides a collective sampling of handcrafted products to celebrities and members of the press at top luxury gift lounges such as those leading up to The Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, The MTV Movie Awards and The Primetime Emmys.

The Artisan Group also coordinates product placement of its member's handcrafted products on such hit television shows as The Voice, The Vampire Diaries, Days of Our Lives, The Young & The Restless, Modern Family, Jane The Virgin and Law & Order: SVU, among others. Membership in The Artisan Group is juried and by invitation only.

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