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I LOVE putting together each kit by hand. One of the great things about this is the personal touches you can add…a hair clip for an 8 year old girl’s birthday, mani-male kit, unique colors, testing combinations for an even better experience. It makes every kit unique! With the recent Awards season in the US, I called in back up to help me create our mini kits to participate in an exclusive celebrity Gift Lounge event, hosted by GBK Productions in Hollywood, California, leading up to the MTV Movie Awards telecast. Building our DIY nail polish kit with someone was (almost) as much fun as hosting a polish party!   

When you have more test tubes than your last science class

Mixify Polish behind the scenes

When you need dexterity, not blisters

Mixify Polish bottle fill

When date night is a bonding experience

Mixify Polish bonding 

When creating kits becomes a family affair

Mixify Polish family

When you switch from winter to summer (colors)

Mixify Polish colors

When you see it all together

Mixify Polish mini kit

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