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The gift I wanted most - Mixify Polish create your signature nail polish color

The Artisan Group—The very first thing that caught our eyes when we entered this interesting space was the exhibit from The Artisan Group, which is always a welcoming sight. They gifted all the VIPs bags containing at least a dozen items each, courtesy of their talented artisans, who create all kinds of art, including jewelry, accessories, soaps, stationary, and even nail polishes. Here are some of our faves this time, beginning with Alice’s: a classy white druzy gemstone necklace from Starletta Designs (; Alyce N Maille‘s blue Swarovski crystal drop necklace, that adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit (; The Lost Arts‘ poppy seed and sea clay scrub, which incorporates those elements with other interesting extracts (; and delicate-but-strong bead drop earrings from Helen’s Adornments, which are made from blown glass and metal ( My favorites are: Sassy Belle Wares’ uber-colorful bracelets, surrounding a guitar pick with a cute saying (; a unisex braided leather bracelet containing a charm with an inspirational word on it, (I got “inspire,” which I hope I do for all of you!,) from Rock & Hardware (; a colorful “crystal ball” pendant from Kathryn Designs Jewelry, (which I guess she does very well!,) (; and the gift I wanted most from the display table—a box from Mixify Polish containing a make-your-own-nail-polish kit! Could a girly-girl be any happier! Now Alice and I will have to have a pajama party, to share with our friends, (which I think is the intent of the company, anyway.) ( Whew!


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