Christmas time is right around the corner!  AH!  I’m so excited!  I still have so much shopping to do!  In case you couldn’t tell, I’m all about saving the dough, especially when it comes to Christmas time!  I also love giving gifts that are unique and personalized.  What’s the best of both those worlds?  DIY, of course!  I know I could stay up for hours and hours just bouncing from my Silhouette Cameo to my sewing/embroidery machine!  HOURS!  However, I don’t always have all those hours, and sometimes it’s nice to give someone a DIY kit that they can make themselves!  Plus, did you know that doing crafts have some pretty awesome psychological benefits, like fighting against aging, and even acting as an antidepressant?  You can’t beat that Christmas gift!


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Without further ado, here are my top 10 DIY kits that I would love to squeeze into my Christmas budget!

DIY nail polish kit – For the beauty loverDIY Christmas gifts


How awesome is this?!  You can make your own nail polish in whatever color you can dream up!  It’s a DIY kit you don’t even have to anything with!  This is great for the beauty lover that already has everything or the little girl who loves to paint her nails.  Best part?  It’s Vegan and fast drying!

via Mixify Beauty

DIY teething kit
 – For the new mom
DIY Christmas gifts

This is great for the crafter turned new mom with no time to craft!  It’s a quick, easy, usable gift!  I can’t tell you how much my son loved my teething necklace, and the fact that you can make this on your own and choose the colors is even better!  If a teething ring isn’t your thing, this shop also has an adorable DIY pacifier clip!

Via CertifiedDIYSupply

DIY dream catcher kit – For the little girl
I can’t be the only one who had one of these in her room growing up!  I love that all the instructions are included and you come out with a beautiful finished product to give you amazing dreams 😉You can even get custom colors to match the bedroom theme!  How perfect is that?!  These kits would be a hit at a sleepover or even a great backdrop for some newborn pictures!
DIY Christmas gifts
via Worldreamer

DIY wine charm kits
 – For the wine lover

These are perfect for New Year’s to celebrate the past while looking to the future.  It comes with a set of 6 corks, so you’ll have a perfect amount for a dinner party!  Love how you can make your own
DIY Christmas gifts
Via NeliDesign

DIY cactus planting kit – For the non-gardener
I know I can’t be the only one who can’t keep a plant alive!  I have a dead succulent sitting on my front porch.  No lie!  A succulent!  If you can’t keep anything else alive, you should be able to keep a succulent alive.  I digress.  The sayings on these pots are just the icing on the cake!  It’s a gift that *hopefully* won’t die and she’ll get a kick out of reading this every day!
DIY Christmas gifts
Via ImperfectLifeDetails

DIY paint by number – For the artist
Did y’all know that paint by numbers are still around?!  I had no idea!  And they’ve matured!  I would hang this up in my house, it looks fantastic!  And you can make it!  This shop has so many designs to choose from, or you could even make your own!  This would make a fantastic girls night in project or sleepover project!
DIY Christmas gifts
Via Wehgo

DIY string art kit – For the artist
I love how string art looks, but I always thought it was too complicated for me to figure out!  This kit breaks down what seems like a complicated process into a simple one though, with some great instructions.  This pineapple couldn’t be much cuter!
DIY Christmas gifts
Via StringKits

DIY cheese kit – For the cook
I’m convinced that there’s nothing better in life than goat cheese.  There’s one lady at my local farmer’s market who sells goat cheese dips and they are to die for!  So, when I found this kit that I could make my own – holy moly!  Make some cheese, have some wine, get some crackers and I’m set!  This would be great for a dinner party!
DIY Christmas gifts
Via UrbanCheesecraft

DIY dog cookie mix – For the dog lover
Not only do you get all the ingredients you need to make fresh dog biscuits for your fluffball, but you also get a container to store them in that you can easily personalize!  This is such a great gift for the dog lover that wants to spoil her pup, but might be short on time to find the perfect recipe!
DIY Christmas gifts
Via DogsBreakfastPetFood

And because there’s always one splurge…6 Herb Garden Seed Kits
So, you know when you go to the garden store and you see all those beautiful flowers and plants and you just NEED them in your garden?  So you spend a ton of money, bring them home, plant them, then forget to water them a week later and they die?  No?  Just me?  If you’re with me, or know someone else who is this would be a perfect gift!  These herb seeds all come with a 100% recyclable container you can keep on your kitchen windowsill where you’ll remember to water them daily!  Then when they’ve grown up you can plant them outside!  I love it!
DIY Christmas gifts
via Mountain Lily Farm

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Are you wondering what the perfect gift is for the creator in your life? Here are 10 fabulous gift ideas from all over the world! crafty gifts for her, crafty gifts for women, crafty gifts for mom, diy gifts, homemade gift ideas, gifts for women, gifts for crafters