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 Black matte nail polish - make your own nail polish

Forget Orange is the New Black, well, until next season! - have you seen the black food trend? OMG!! I’m drooling over the black ice cream (btw, did you hear about the ice creamery in London with doughnut cones – srsly!! Adding it to The List.

Some of my fondest childhood memories include heading to the local Darrel Lea shop for the freshly cut black licorice. Once upon a time girls and boys, licorice arrived in bulk and was cut at irregular lengths while you waited! None of this prepacked, uniformity. If it was an extra special day, say after a doctor’s appointment, we might even head to the factory and cut out the middleman. Divine!

So it’s a no brainer that I found inspiration in licorice as a way of connecting with my inner child. The challenge now was how do I make black interesting? Putting black pigment into a bottle, that’s pretty easy! So how about creating a matte black?

Mixify POlish DIY nail polish matte black

Or one with a chameleon shimmer effect?

Or glitter?

Glitter DIY nail polish - Mixify Polish

Or….what would you like to see?

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