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Fashion illustration using Mixify Polish nail polish!

Mixify Polish fashion illustration artclaytion

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this creation by @artclaytion using our create your own nail polish kit. Yes, she draws with nail polish! ⠀

Mixify Polish fashion illustration @artclaytion

Red Addict. Nail Polish & Glitters on paper, Nov 2016. Collaboration project : Artclaytion. X @mixifypolish.⠀

Thank you founder Amy from mixify for giving me a chance to explore their product <Signature Nail Polish Kit> to create my artwork! ⠀

Mixify Polish is based in USA and their signature is their nail polish color kit ! You can mix and create your favourite color nail polish! Isn't it fun? It is also cool to use it on parties and it makes a lovely gift to your girlfriends! Stay tuned for more interesting artwork that I will create with Mixify nail polish! ⠀

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