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Gold was in the air at GBK's recent Golden Globe event last week. The luxury lifestyle special events company pulled out all the stops to make this year's celebration a memorable one. From revolutionary smart tech gadgets to elegant gold-infused wine, GBK set the stage for Hollywood's VIPs.

Blue Nun, known as the best distributed German wine worldwide, produces whites, reds, rosés and alcohol-free wines, but last week guests took home the gold… a 24K gold edition sparkling wine that is! The fruit-forward vino (with genuine 24K gold flakes!) is a delicate, elegant wine sure to please any palate.

The award-winning Hiro Junmai Ginjo Sake wowed guests too with their premium handcrafted sake, made once a year by the master brewer himself. Enjoy on its own, or savor the flavor in a Super Hero or Hiro Sunrise, or enjoy another crafty creation from their recipe list online.

Too Faced cruelty-free cosmetics teased guests with their chocolate gold collection, including Better Than Sex collagen-infused mascara, decadent high-glittered gold lip gloss, Chocolate Gold Soleil long-wear gilded bronzer and chocolate gold metallic/matte eye shadow palette. You'll not only be looking your best, but will be smelling utterly delicious as well!

The Artisan Group showed off an abundance of luxury handcrafted trinkets and treasures from their group of artisans around the world including: modern sterling silver jewelry from Savi; hand and body lotion with essential oils from Miss Doyle's Soapery; heirloom quality jewelry from CY Design Studio; blend your own perfume kit from Mixify Beauty; hand-made quality candles from Coal and Canary; handmade collars and leashes for four-legged companions from Luke & Ellies; and upcycled vintage coin purses by Heritage Refashioned.

Multi-award-winning Mymanu introduced their sleek new wireless earbuds with live voice translation! No more worrying when traveling abroad. The revolutionary ear piece translates up to 37 different languages in real-time, so you can communicate with natives on the spot. With a wireless portable charger, sophisticated speech recognition and noise cancelation system, as well as high fidelity sound, you're able to translate anywhere and any place, no matter how loud your environment is.

Vinci graced guests with their stylish premium smart headphones with artificial intelligence, offering a hands-free voice controlled experience, courtesy of their talented team of engineers. The fancy tech gadget features activity tracking sensors, smart music recommendations, immersive 3D sound and active noise cancelling.

Massage therapists were on hand from Burke Williams offering relaxation chair massages, keeping guests stress-free. Extending their spa experience, guests went home with the spa's H2V Moisture Enhance Hyaluronic Boost and Beyond Tightening Hydration Masque infused with pumpkin puree and cucumber extract.

The Avocado Sock sweetened its way into VIP bags. The all-natural Canadian-made wool sock ripens your avocado in 24 hours. Your perfect guacamole awaits!

Other unique finds included Italian leather handbags from Avery Verse, red and white wine from Moraga, hydrating and rejuvenating face and hand masks from Lumisque, all-natural hand sanitizer infused with organic botanicals from Noshinku Bergamot and an extensive art collection from LMK Art.

Benefiting charities included Brave, an organization that inspires brave initiatives, and Food on Foot, a nonprofit dedicated to providing assistance to homeless and low-income individuals in Los Angeles.

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