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Getting sweaty might leave you with raccoon eyes but your nail polish won’t melt away! I love the boost of confidence I get to go that extra mile when my nails match my outfit, I need all the encouragement I find! 

Make your own nail polish with Mixify Polish mixifypolish.com

I just LOVE my Zulily find, a violet yoga hoodie, it’s become my go to top. Being so fair, I can’t stay outside for more than 10 minutes without turning into a lobster. This hoodie provides good coverage and is light enough so I don’t get too hot.


Wanna make your own shade of violet? It’s easy! A little purple, a little blue and here’s the secret – a little magenta! Watch the tutorial to see how I made this, the artistic way! It’s a little messier this way as I take out some of the base to make a wet color before adding the pigment back into the bottle, kind of like painting a picture and mixing your colors before you paint. I prefer mixing directly in the nail polish bottle though there are many ways to create your signature nail polish color.


Just remember, all you need is 2-3 scoops of color. THAT'S ALL! How do you mix it?


And here’s the end result.

Custom nail polish color Mixify Polish mixifypolish.com

Yoga ready with matching burnout hoodie and nails. Inspiration is all around us, all you need be is open to receiving.

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