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I’m often asked, “how do I make my nail polish last longer?” I love that our colors last for days, even with a quick “slap it on” job. I like to change colors every few days anyway so it I never gave much thought to how to make the color last longer. Over the summer I’ve been researching different methods for getting a few extra days. If you’ve got an hour or so to give attention to your nails, here’s what I found to work well. You can also pick and choose what you have time to do, every little bit helps! You’re aiming for a smooth, clean canvas (nails!)


Create your POLISH Artisan Nails color. Remember to use 2-3 scoops of color, anything more and the polish will go clumpy

Remove any residual polish. I like Karma Naturals nail polish remover as it is made from soy beans and doesn't smell

Soak your nails in tepid water for a few minutes. This will soften your cuticles and make it easier, and less painful, to shape your cuticles

POLISH Artisan Nails

Use a cuticle cream to soften and shape your cuticles. Here I’m using organic CocoKind salve. Petroleum jelly also works well as a cheaper option

POLISH Artisan Nails

Shape and buff your nails. I didn’t believe that having smooth nails would extend my polish life until I tried it, but (magically) it did. For something so simple, this really was worth it. With a bumpy nail, there’s more chance your polish will apply unevenly and will come off more easily

POLISH Artisan Nails http://polishnail.us 

Wash your hands! I know, you’re not a pre-schooler, however I forgot to do this more than once and ended up with a horrible looking polish due to the nail dust from buffing

Apply a base. The base coat evens out the color of your nails so that the color looks more even. It can also give an opacity to the color, depending on the base used. One coat is enough, two is also OK

POLISH Artisan Nails http://polishnail.us/collections/polish-add-ons/products/base-coat-5ml

Let it dry thoroughly. If you’re not already watching a movie, this is a great time to! Optimum time is 5-10 minutes

Apply a thin coat of nail polish color to your nails and allow to dry. Optimally, allow 5 minutes. How’s the movie?

POLISH Artisan Nails http://polishnail.us/collections/polish-party-kits

Apply a second layer of color and allow to dry. Another 5 minutes

If you would like to, add a third layer or your nail art. Allow to dry (the time for this depends on how adventurous your nail art is!)

Once you’re sure your nails are dry (or there’s about 30 minutes left in the movie) apply your top coat. The top coat adds an extra layer of protection and shine. Allow to dry, about 5 minutes.

POLISH Artisan Nails top coat http://polishnail.us/collections/polish-add-ons/products/top-coat

If the movie isn’t finished, apply a second top coat

Final step, post your creation and tag with #POLISHnailparty!

POLISH Artisan Nails create your own nail polish


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