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Holi colors Mixify Poliah nails


Let's play Holi!! It would be sad living in a world where there were no colors, especially in San Francisco. Because colors affect us, in a greater scale than you can imagine. 

Most of us have a favorite color. Undoubtedly because it makes us feel a certain way. Since we were kids we were all drawn to certain colors, and it’s the same today. Some people love purple while others hate it, and so on. Nevertheless, colors are around us all the time. So it’s just suited that we have a day where we can celebrate colors!

Just as we’re drawn to certain colors, and we favor some over others (no offense, puce!), each color has a different meaning, and that can change based on different cultures as well. Some say yellow is associated with happiness and joy. And green, the color of nature, associated with harmony and growth. Blue has been said to symbolize trust and loyalty. For me, I always associated blue with family and a safe environment. Just as we associate them with different things, they can bring out different memories. Honestly, we need colors in our lives.

So I find it suitable that we now have a day where we can celebrate colors. It might not be an official holiday, but hey, it’s official enough for me! So show us how you’re going to celebrate Holi. Here at Mixify we suggest you get those nails ready and show us your favorite color!

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