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“Shhh, she’s not left yet”. Slam, click…mom had left the house and that was our cue to raid her costume jewelry and make up to play dress up. There’s nothing like the pure joy of “playing adult”, of adding a splash of color to make one appear more “grown up”.

Not your mothers nail polish

Fast forward to today and while playing adult has lost some of its novelty (unicorn Frappuccino anyone?)

Unicorn frappacino

our custom color Mixify Polish DIY nail polish kits are definitely not your mother’s nail polish! Gone are the days of subdued neutral shades, hello bright, vibrant, unique nail colors.

Unicorn nail polish Mixify Polish

From glitter to pearls to mattes, I LOVE that I can create whatever custom shade I want, when I want. Punk rock retro party – check, wedding – check, job interview – nailed it! And the right sized bottles are perfect for what I need, zero waste!

Mixify Polish nail polish for any and every occassion

What more could an adventurous girl want? Oh, maybe…..lip gloss!!! Customized Mixify lip gloss also available.


I wonder what my future kids will get up to when I’m out of the house!

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