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Choose your own nail polish adventure through If Only

Choose your own adventure – nail polish edition. Create your signature nail polish color with this unique immersive experience. Gone are the days of buying “off the shelf” nail polish, get down and dirty and create your own nail polish. Want to create a color to match your latest hair color? Your favorite emoji? Maybe your first car? Go for it.

When you arrive, you’ll enter into the eclectic world of “Uncle Albert” of Mary Poppins fame, where laughter and glee are the order of the day — floating tea table not included. Your guests will be greeted by your host and entertainer, who will take you on a journey of color discovery. You’ll have everything you need to create your signature nail polish color — at least 20 colors to blend with, 5 mini nail polish bottles per guest, tools, instructions, and wipes – it can be a creative mess. Top off your adventure by sipping tea and nibbling tasty treats while showcasing your creations.

Take home what you create. This is perfect as a birthday party, girls’ night out, family time, tween parties, and even corporate events. Relax and be entertained.

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