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make your own nail polish Mixify Polish

It's so fun and easy to create your signature nail polish color. I must admit, I love that first look of awe I see from people I meet who hadn't even considered making their own nail polish. There's that moment of wonderment closely followed by skepticism which is quickly replaced with a sense of adventure and a "why not!". That's what I think - why not!

So here's a step by step tutorial on how to create your own nail polish color. Check out the video below. There are many ways to make your own nail polish, I'll post more over time. How do you create yours?

  1. set out your tools and colors
  2. blend your colors together, either in the mixing tray or directly in the bottle. Just 2-3 scoops is all you need over all
  3. mix your colors together
  4. shake (best if you turn the bottle upside and continue to rotate the bottle)
  5. test your color. Is it what you want? If not, adjust by adding a little more. Remember, 2-3 scoops is all you need


Enjoy creating your signature nail polish color. Post your creations with the #MixifyPolish for your chance to win a free kit. Full details here.



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