With a new decade, a presidential election, and who knows what other surprises on the horizon, 2020 is a year for new beginnings and making meaningful change. In this age of environmental and social awareness, shoppers will be thinking about their actions – and that includes what they’re purchasing – more than ever. 

That’s why we’re declaring 2020 the “year of purpose.”  From Etsy’s Color of the Year, to the consumer trends we’re predicting, shoppers will be focusing on what’s important to them and, even more so, what’s important to the world.

Etsy Color of the Year: Chartreuse

A stark contrast from last year’s pick of burnt orange, chartreuse is a bold color known for increasing energy, encouraging unconventional thinking, and evoking feelings of growth and harmony (and a nod to all of ‘80s the neons making a comeback right now). It’s daring, statement-making, and unexpected – exactly what we’re all trying to embrace in the new year. I predict we’ll see this tone showing up everywhere from home goods to wardrobes. We’re already seeing  shoppers jumping on the trend with searches increasing for various green tones: there has been a 12% increase in searches on Etsy for green items and a 55% increase in searches for neon green items in the last three months (compared to the same time the previous year). 

Chartreuse Dot Succulent Pot, Large Statement Earrings, Silk Scarf, Iridescence Clutch, Modern Colorful Art, Chartreuse Rocket Vase, Linen Jacket, Chartreuse Duvet Cover

Decor: Color-blocking

Color-blocking is the must-have decor trend for 2020, and the numbers on Etsy don’t disagree: there has been a 7% increase in searches for color blocking in the last three months (compared to the same time the previous year). This vibrant, retro-inspired style, reminiscent of the mod ‘50s and ‘60s, is a matured version of last year’s popular cut-out shapes. This look is all about pairing unconventional colorways and adding instant personality to any room, whether incorporating color-blocked pillows, wall art, or even tabletop decor.

Color Block Pillow Case, Wood Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, Color Block Art Print, Canal Quilt, Mod Color Block Pillow Cover

Style: ‘80s ensembles

Shoppers are stepping back in time again, but this time they’re honoring the big and bold fashion styles of the 1980s. While the decade was filled with questionable perms and eye makeup, the ‘80s also brought us memorable trends that deserve our attention once again. Shoppers who fell in love with last year’s maximalism can own this over-the-top look – with sequins, puff sleeves, bright colors, and more – but this time with a modern twist. On Etsy, there has been a 39% increase in searches for puff sleeves, a 10% increase in searches for shoulder pads, and a 32% increase in searches for chain belts in the last three months (compared to the same time the previous year).  

Francesca Chain Bracelet, Asymmetrical Ruffle Puff Sleeve Blouse, Vintage 1980s Earrings, Vintage Coat, Blue Denim Dress, ’80s Black Sequin Sweater, Off The Shoulder Sequin Top Vintage ’80s Shoulder Pads Rayon Dress, ’80s Gold Elephant Chain Belt

Weddings: Coordinated couples’ coats

We’re calling it: matching wedding jackets are the new bridal outerwear taking over our social feeds, with searches on Etsy for couple jackets jumping 15% in the last three months (compared to the same time the previous year). And we’re not just talking about matching colors: Etsy sellers are making the most creative options – from hand-painted denim to embroidered leather jackets – allowing newlyweds to wear something as unique as their relationship. 

Embellished Jacket, Just Married Jacket Patch, Personalized Denim Jacket, Wedding Denim Neon Light-up Jacket, Just Married Denim Jacket, Embroidered Name Denim Jacket

Pets: Wellness 

As shoppers are putting more emphasis on their own wellbeing, they’re also putting the same care and effort into their pet’s needs. Pet parents are looking for everything from custom treats to handmade shampoos and beds to keep their fur babies happy and healthy. On Etsy, there has been an 11% increase in searches for custom treats (some even feature your pet’s name), a 16% increase in searches for pet shampoo, and a 15% increase in searches for pet food in the last three months (compared to the same time the previous year).

Natural Pet Shampoo, Personalized Grain Free Peanut Butter Dog Treats, Natural Dog Toothpaste, Natural Lavender Dog Shampoo and Conditioner, Organic & Grain-Free Pupcakes, Organic Catnip Cat Toy 

Beauty: Bespoke beauty

The beauty industry is reacting to a shift in buyers’ attentiveness to what they’re putting on their faces and bodies, and shoppers are turning to Etsy for one-of-a-kind beauty products. There has been a 13% increase in searches on Etsy for custom beauty, a 19% increase in searches for custom perfume, and a 15% increase in searches for custom soap in the last three months (compared to the same time the previous year). Whether they have scent-sensitivity, allergies, or just want a custom blend, Etsy sellers create small-batch beauty products to cater to any individual’s needs. 

Custom Vegan Zero Waste Makeup Palette, Custom Blended Mineral Foundation, Custom Scented Body Wash, Luxury Bath Salts, Custom Color Eyeshadow, Custom Nail Polish