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We hear about girl’s night out and getaway trips a lot, but what about a fun girl’s night in? It doesn’t have to only mean staying in and watching Netflix, there are a million ideas and ways to make it a bit more fun! If you’re looking for some ideas to add something extra to a girl’s night in party, you’ve come to the right place.

We've rounded up 6 ideas on themes, activities, games, and party food ideas.

And the best part? They are all pretty easy and budget-friendly!


Girl’s Night In Ideas

1. Theme Idea: DIY Beauty and Spa Night

Use our nail polish, lip gloss, or perfume kits as a fun DIY beauty activity. They are a fun project that anyone would enjoy! You can make it even more fun by having a game where you come up with unique names for each person's signature nail polish color or fragrance they create with our kits. Add in some facials and makeovers, and you have yourself the perfect girl's night in.

Girls Night In Ideas

2. Theme Idea: Totally Fetch Mean Girls

If your girls love the movie Mean Girls, why not make it a theme? Check out this Mean Girls themed party inspiration from Sugar & Sparrow. Totally fetch!


3. Theme Idea: Wine Tasting

Why not have a wine tasting party with your girls? If your group loves wine, it’s super easy to do your own wine tasting party. You could do a traditional wine and cheese party or make it a blind wine tasting party.

Wine Tasting Girls Night In Party

4. Theme Idea: Sleepover Pajama Party


Sleepovers don't need to end because you are an adult. Stay up all night chatting, drinking wine, and reconnecting with your friends. Order in pizza delivery, and just enjoy each other's company. Sometimes life is so busy and such a rat race that it might have felt like months or years since you and your best friends were able to relax and really connect with each other again.


5. Theme Idea: Food, Food, Food

If you and your friends aren’t really wine drinkers but are total foodies, why not have a food-themed party? There are so many ideas here, depending on your taste buds and food preferences:


6. Decor Idea: DIY Balloon Garland

No matter what type of girl’s night in party you are planning, add a little extra special touch by adding some decorations! You can DIY a balloon garland for a statement piece or check out our party planning Pinterest board for tons of party decor ideas.

DIY Balloon Party Decor


Choosing to opt for a girl’s night in instead of a girl’s night out sometimes is one of the best and most chill ideas you can do. While having a ladies’ night out is much more popular (seriously, just trying searching google for girl’s night in, you’ll get tons of night out ideas instead!) spending time in allows you to better connect with your friends. There’s no reason why staying in can’t be just as much fun as going out!

We hope these ideas got your inspirational wheels turning! What did you do for your last girls’ night in?


 6 Ideas for a Fun Girl's Night In With Your Besties



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