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There are so many homemade and DIY beauty recipes out there nowadays. They are perfect if you are planning to have a self-care day or a girl’s spa night! We’ve rounded up some of the best beauty recipes to try that are easy to make and don’t require too many expensive ingredients.

Seriously, what is better than natural ingredients on your skin? Your skin is important, and creating a skincare ritual from some homemade beauty recipes can help nourish your skin and keep it glowing.

And don’t forget to grab a few of our DIY beauty kits to add to your self-care day or spa night! We have ones for nail polish, lip gloss, and perfume that will help you create your own signature nail polish colors, your own handmade lip gloss, and a signature perfume scent. Plus, you don’t need to purchase any extra ingredients, everything is included and ready to go!


What are the benefits of DIY beauty?

There are so many benefits and reasons why DIY beauty recipes are super fun to try out.

  • Natural, organic, and eco-friendly ingredients - no harsh chemicals!
  • They are more cost-effective versus store-bought products
  • A fun DIY activity to get your creativity flowing
  • They are also an excellent idea for a creative DIY gift


Best Homemade DIY Beauty Recipes:

From foot soaks to face masks and sugar scrubs, we have you covered!

Disclaimer: Always make sure to double-check the ingredients list to confirm no allergies and if you have any concerns, always check with a medical professional before using any of these recipes.


  1. Soothing DIY Peppermint Foot Soak
  2. DIY Moisturizing Overnight Face Mask for Dry Skin
  3. DIY Shampoo Bar - No Lye
  4. Vanilla Honey Lip Scrub
  5. DIY Grapefruit Sugar Scrub with Rose Petals
  6. Green Tea & Cucumber Eye Gel
  7. Banana Hair Mask
  8. Homemade Deodorant Without Baking Soda
  9. DIY Hair Gel with Flaxseed
  10. Shaving Butter Recipe
  11. Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub
  12. Coffee-Infused Eye Cream
  13. Salt Scrub Recipe – with Himalayan Salt and Essential Oils
  14. Honey Face Mask Recipes
  15. Coffee Face Mask Recipes
  16. Homemade Banana Face Mask
  17. Apple Cider Vinegar Facial Toner
  18. Strawberry Face Scrub
  19. DIY Exfoliating Lemon Lip Scrub
  20. DIY Chocolate Lip Scrub
  21. DIY All-Natural Dry Shampoo (2 Ingredients!)
  22. Avocado Shampoo Bar
  23. Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar Recipe
  24. Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
  25. DIY Moisturizing Hair Mask


See how many options there are?

Whether you love fruity scents, floral scents, or sweet scents, there is something in this list for everyone. I'm personally a fan of fruit scents and can't wait to try the homemade banana face mask!


What DIY beauty recipe is your favorite from this list? Or do you have another favorite that should be on the list? Let us know!


The Best 25 Homemade Beauty Recipes to Try



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