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When it comes to planning and throwing an amazing bridal shower, you don't need to overthink it or break the bank to make it a success! The critical thing to remember is that the bridal shower should be all about the bride and celebrating her upcoming wedding. All the other stuff is just extra. If you focus on that and remember WHO you are throwing the shower for, throughout the planning process, it will go much smoother.

There are some key things to decide or think about when it comes to planning a bridal shower.


What to Consider When Planning a Bridal Shower:

1) Theme or No Theme?

Bridal showers don't have to have a theme, or the theme could be as simple as brunch. If the bride has a special love or interest, that might be something to incorporate as the shower theme. Like this, An Adventure Awaits themed shower for the bride who loves to travel, or this She’s Been Scooped Up shower theme for the bride who loves ice cream!

Themes do help with the rest of the planning and seem to make things fall into place a little bit easier. And who doesn’t love having to make fewer decisions?


2) The Type of Bridal Shower + The Location

Deciding on the type of shower will help you in deciding on the location or venue. It also depends on how many people will be in attendance. If your bride is a low-key introvert, having a simple brunch shower with a smaller group of people might be a better fit, for example. And for smaller groups, you can find someone with the entertaining space who might be willing to let you host it at their home. Alternatively, an Airbnb might be an option that isn't too expensive to rent for a weekend getaway for the bride’s closest friends and then set up the shower one night at the location for the larger amount of guests.

NOTE: Just make sure you read the rules and stipulations from the host about renting an Airbnb for a small event or gathering first.

If the bride is expecting a huge guest list for her shower, you’re likely going to need to rent a space.


3) Bridal Shower Decorations

There are so many fun bridal shower decoration options on Etsy that will work for any theme (or non-themed shower). Like these personalized bridal shower balloons or this Future Mrs. Bridal Shower Banner.


4) Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Many of the traditional bridal shower games and activities can be a little cheesy, but isn’t that part of the fun? Say I Do Printables is an amazing shop on Etsy that has so many printable download game ideas.

If your bride and guests are also known for being creative, our nail polish kits are always a hit for bridal showers. With each kit, you can make 5 signature nail polish colors, so if you have a kit for every 5 guests, they will each get to make their own nail polish. As a bonus, it's an excellent favor idea that they can take home with them, too!


5) Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Bridal Shower Themes and Food Ideas

The top choices for the most loved bridal shower food are:

Depending on your style and size of the bridal shower, you don't need to go overboard on the food. Having a selection of finger foods, a variety of salads, and sandwiches, plus the usual tasty desserts are enough.

Don’t forget to try to have some gluten-free or dairy-free options available, just in case some of the guests have food allergies or intolerances.


Guide to Throwing an Amazing Bridal Shower



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