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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Great products for a young girl's birthday party!

I received these products from Mixify Beauty to review.
This kit contains everything you need to make your own fingernail polish.  And everything is stored in a nice collector's tin designed by fashion illustrator Chan Clayrene.  With this kit you will be able to make 5 custom nail polish colors. 

You get 8 color pigments (5 basic colors:  red, blue, yellow, white and black and 3 passion colors:  purple, orange and teal), 5 colorless nail polish bottles, a mixing tray, a funnel, spoons and stirrers, mixing ball and a cheat sheet that explains how to create your own nail polish.  You can keep the colors as is, or you can mix and combine them to create your own unique colors.

This is great for a group of people to do together.  Each person can create their own personal color.  Any young girl would be thrilled with this.  It is great for birthday parties and sleepovers.  Or just any time your daughter wants to invite a small group of her friends over.

Each nail polish bottle is filled with a salon quality base for you to mix your pigments with.  Each bottle holds approximately 5ml/0.17oz. The polishes are fast drying, long lasting and vegan.   

This kit comes with small parts and is not suitable for unsupervised children.  You can purchase your own kit for $49.95 on their website HERE.

Mixify Beauty also offers a kit to make your own flavored lip oil gloss.  Like the polish kit, everything is stored within a nice tin.  The luxurious bases are all natural, hydrating and easy to apply.  You can choose your own color and flavor.

You get the all natural oil base, 5 delicious flavors to mix and match, 5 color tints to create your own color with (red-ish, purple-ish, brown-ish, pink-ish and diva-ish), 5 lip gloss bottles to hold your creations and a cheat sheet that explains how to make your own  lip gloss.

There are 3 different flavor groups and you get to choose which one you want when you order.  I got the Spa Day group which has Coconut, Vanilla, Honey, Citrus and Anise.  Kickstart has Energy Drink, Coffee, Bacon, Chili and Waffle.  Girls Night Out has Chardonnay, Merlot, Strawberry Daiquiri, Bourbon and Jalapeno.  As you can see by the more sophisticated flavors, this kit is not just for kids.  Many adult women enjoy it as well!

The bottles hold approximately 10ml/.034oz.  It is not suitable for unsupervised children due to the small parts.  These kits are wonderful for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers or any time you feel like creating your own lip gloss.  You can purchase a kit for $34.95 on their website HERE.

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