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Nail Polish Kit that Embraces Your Inner DIY Inside Tin
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Every few days I find myself looking through Pinterest and Instagram, trying to find the nail color that really screams out to me. Sometime’s I find myself wishing I could be more creative when it comes to making up my own colors or designs. Instantly I remind myself that I am no artist. As much I wish I was, what my mind sees and my skills can make are two planets away. I am not quite brag worthy when it comes to designs, its a work in progress. But the nail colors? Finally, I have found a kit that lets me make the colors I want!

Nail Polish Kit that Embraces Your Inner DIY

Mixify Beauty Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit Limited Edition Tin is literally a godsend for those of who wish we were creative, but aren’t quite there yet. The Mixify Beauty Kit comes with all the items you need to make your own nail polish!

Inside Nail Polish Kit

The Kit Includes:

  • 8 Color Pigments (5 basic colors: red, blue, yellow, white, black and 3 passion colors: purple, orange, teal)
  • 5 Uncolored Nail Polish Bottles
  • Limited edition collectors tin
  • Mixing Tray
  • Funnel
  • Spoons & Stirrers
  • Mixing Ball
  • How To Create Your Own Nail Polish Cheat Sheet

The Mixify Beauty Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit is pretty straight forward when it comes to using so I would say it’s very user-friendly. I also like the fact that this DIY nail kit is versatile for a wide range of ages. As in with supervision younger children, pre-teens, teens, even older women can get full use out of this kit. Especially as a beginner!

Nail Polish Kit Guide

The Mixify Beauty Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit provides all of the essential colors needed to make vibrant, pastel, and even darker nail colors. The directions are also pretty straight forward and I have to admit that paired with a base coat and a top coat, the polish itself applies smoothly and dries relatively quickly. I did find that the wear time lasts just as long as some more prestigious brands of nail polishes as well.

Another important factor when it comes to nail polish is that it be somewhat as “clean” as possible. Several major brands are going Vegan as well as 5-Free. Mixify Beauty Make Your Own Nail Kit Limited Edition Tin, is no exception and is right on track with leading beauty competitors! Vegan and 5-Free!

Vegan and 5-Free

Mixify Beauty


The Mixify Beauty Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit does only come with 5 uncolored nail polishes but there is plenty of pigmented color powder to make more nail colors. You would need to purchase more uncolored nail polish bottles in order to do this but I am sure they would turn out relatively the same. Look for Vegan and 5-Free clear polish to get the closest comparison of a formula for the uncolored nail polish.

Nail Polish Kit that Embraces Your Inner DIY pinterest

For your next night in or when you cannot find the color your eyes are looking for, consider ordering Mixify Beauty’s Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit Limited Edition Tin.



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