Customization and personalization are growing trends across a wide spectrum of products and services. Creative individuals and females are largely the groups that are most interested in customizable items and a #Startup Company known as Mixify Polish has found a way to reach out to both the creative and women’s/girls markets via their fully customizable nail polishes. Mixify Polish started out as a fun and creative idea for a bachelorette party which--given its massive success at that event--quickly developed into a quest to integrate the lost art of craft into the modern lifestyle. Mixify Polish gives users the chance to mix their very own #Nail Polish colors using only recyclable and eco-friendly, vegan and biodegradable materials.

Brand background and review 

Mixify Polishes encourage users to invite friends over and set out the nail polish colors in the mixing palette and start experimenting to create signature hues. “When mixing colors, it helps to think back to grade school – red and blue makes purple, red and white makes pink…then you see how to make any color imaginable,” CEO Amy Schofield explained. “I love seeing the colors people create and seeing the look of sheer joy and amazement on people’s faces when they see how great what they’ve made looks.”

Being distinctive and creative are essentially keys to success in the beauty industry and the innovative nature of Mixify helps to explain why it has been so popular with consumers. For the most part, the kit works exactly as advertised although the shimmery pigments do mix much better than the matte ones. Furthermore, when you mix a shimmery pigment with a matte one the blend takes longer to diffuse so if you don’t shake the bottle long enough your application will likely be lumpy and uneven. The pigments come in tiny capsules that can be hard to handle and it’s all too easy to spill the pigments which, as powders, are very lightweight. It takes a few tries to master exactly how much pigment needs to be used to get an opaque color but once you get used to the process you can make many unique colors that--when properly shaken--apply smoothly and stay on the nail for several days without chipping. Beginners should probably start out with the shimmery green and blue colors for the best results.

Discussions for the future  

Amy Schofield readily admits that the name was inspired by Harry Potter. “What do you do when you create nail polish? You mix,” she explained. “But it was the alchemy and magic of the world of Hogwarts that inspired ‘Mixify’ since every time you blend, mix, shake and apply them you’re basically creating a sort of potion.” At present, each kit comes with eight colors--five basics (red, yellow, blue, white and black) and three “passion” colors that might include pink, green coral or purple. The kits are available with either a shiny or matte base and the company’s first glitter kit--Glitterfy--is scheduled to launch this autumn…just in time for the holidays.

Given the positive feedback from fans, Amy is planning to expand the line in the near future. “Our focus is on community, on creating an opportunity for people to put down their technology and to connect in person,” she stated. “We will continue to grow in response to our community’s needs and remain curious about finding ways of being better for our users.” #Nail Art