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What will all your friends be buying at Sephora six months from now?

Sure, giant beauty companies have stacks on stacks (on stacks) to develop the hottest new things in beauty, but oftentimes, it’s burgeoning indie brands that come up with the coolest — and most boundary-pushing — products. Think about it: Before now-ubiquitous egg-shaped sponges and cleansing brushes flooded the market, one or two visionaries put these essentials on the map.

To get a look at what’s next in beauty, we headed to the Indie Beauty Expo in L.A. — the event's first stop — where nearly 100 burgeoning brands are sharing their wares. As you may expect, it didn’t disappoint. Among the more mind-bending innovations were skin-care lines based on the CBD oil in cannabis, all-natural (and very chic-looking) lube, an intoxicating bath oil that will be in many celebrity bathrooms come a year from now, and a mask pack to blow all others out of the water. Yeah, we know that’s a strong statement — but believe us, it’s a game changer.

Ahead, check out the coolest and craziest beauty buys of the show — and take note: this is the stuff you, me, and everyone we know will go crazy for in six months from now.

Mixify Polish, the stuff of our teenage (and adult) dreams"

Mixify Polish is one of Refinery29's This DIY nail polish kit is the stuff of our teenage (and adult) dreams. By combining pigments, glitters, and the pre-bottled base, we can whip up bespoke shades that begets complements and our favorite kind of response: “Oh, this? I made it.” 

Mixify PolishKit, $35, available atMixify Polish.

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